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About Us

We are Shop. We are an empowering, bold and forward thinking online fashion brand, inspired by real life. We design and create product informed by you, our customers, our friends and global influences: Catwalk, celebrity, social media, bloggers and street style, creating an online fashion destination that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to be a girl in a digitally immersed world today.We are two technophile brothers with a passion for digital art, cinema and video games. Very early on we became interested in the Pop figurine collections. First because they allowed us to assert our passion for this or that movie or game, then we quickly caught the collector’s bug: to have them all !


An awesome way to introduce the members of your team.







Where it all began

Funko is an American company created by Mike Becker in 1998, at first it manufactures bubblehead figures, but the company is growing and its creator wanted the company to remain artisanal. So he decided to sell Funko to Brian Mariotti in 2005. The new owner proposed new product lines, including pop figures. Since then, they invade offices, bedrooms…and the web!
Funko Pop logo

A Pop, but what is it?

It’s a small vinyl figurine measuring, on average, about ten centimeters, with a big square head, no mouth (Funko has forbidden him to eat and speak), with big black eyes attached to a small body. All the details and the originality of the pop are in the accessories, the hairstyle, and the outfits, which makes them very attractive.

Funko exploits licenses, but which ones?

The goal being to diversify and to offer to all the fans of Pop a wide range of products, Funko managed to obtain the exploitation rights of the most triumphant licenses notably DC COMICS, MARVEL and STAR WARS which were the first 3.
But Funko could not stop there and decided to conquer many others, such as HARRY POTTER, GAME OF THRONES, DRAGON BALL Z and many others.
Today we can find all the pops classified in different categories such as cinema, animation, TV series, manga, comics,…

Funko exploits licenses, but which ones?

The company wanted to enlarge its range with other products in adequacy with those already existing, it then decided to put on the market variants such as:
  • Supersized” pops, same proportions but much bigger (about 15cm or more).
  • The “Rides” pops, a pop and its means of transport.
  • Movie moments” representing cult scenes from movies, comics or TV series.
  • Pops with different textures or effects (flocked: soft, glow in the dark: phosphorescent, glitter: glittery).

From now on you will know everything about this beautiful birth, now it’s up to you to discover by yourself this incredible and diversified universe from which you will find it hard to resist!