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Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal)

The Arsenal colors

Alexandre Lacazette is pictured here wearing the Arsenal colors jersey. It is a white short with red stripes on the edge as well as a red jersey with white sleeves with stripes on the bottom of the sleeves. On his chest, we find the sponsor of the team and a smaller logo with the name of the team. He wears black sneakers with a touch of yellow and like all soccer figures, he stands with one foot on the ball and his hands on his hips. On the head, we find his dark skin, short hair, short beard and goatee.


A hopeful from Lyon

Originally from Guadeloupe, Alexandre Lacazette is a French soccer player playing internationally. He was born in 1991 in Lyon in a family passionate about soccer since his cousin Romuald is also a professional footballer. He started playing soccer at a very young age in the Elan Sportif club in the 8th district of Lyon. In 2003, things became more serious when he joined the training club of Olympique Lyonnais. In 2010, he signed his first contract with Olympique Lyonnais and played his first game against Auxerre. After a seven-year career in the French Ligue 1 where he stood out for his scoring talent, he joined the Arsenal team in 2017.


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