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Alice Kingsleigh (Alice Through The Looking Glass)

A grown up Alice

In this sequel, Alice has aged and is more confident and this is reflected in her clothes. She no longer wears her little girl’s dresses, but since she trades all over the world, she has to wear more practical clothes. So we find this wide beige pants tucked into green boots that she wears at the beginning of the film. But it is still Alice in Wonderland and therefore there must always be a dose of color and madness. We find this black bodice longer in the back and worn over a red shirt with puffed sleeves. At the level of the head, her face is simple but we find her pale complexion and her pink cheeks. His pretty curly blond hair is held back and falls in his back.


Alice back in Wonderland

Alice Kingsleigh is the heroine of the movie Alice Through The Looking Glass. This film follows the Alice In Wonderland of Tim Burton and is this time adapted from the sequel of the famous novel of Lewis Carroll: Through The Looking Glass. In the first film, Alice found herself in Wonderland following a special rabbit down the rabbit hole and had to help her new friends, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat to fight the evil Queen of Hearts. Back home at the end of the movie, Alice decided to follow her desires and go on an adventure on a ship to trade. A few years later, Alice again hears the call for help from her friends in Wonderland. She goes through the mirror in her living room and finds herself in an upside down Wonderland! This time, she will have to confront the lord of time to save her friends, especially the mad hatter. This will also be the occasion to meet younger versions of the Queen of Hearts or the Cheshire Cat.


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