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Alice with bottle (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

Alice and the Vial

For this exclusive figure, Alice has been shown holding the bottle containing the liquid that allows her to shrink. She is of course wearing her usual blue dress with a white apron like the little girls of the 19th century. Her blond hair is pulled back with a big black bow. The bottle is almost as big as her, light blue and contains a transparent liquid. Around the bottle is hung a small pink paper on which is written drink me”.


The beginning of a dream

Alice is the main character of the animated film Alice in Wonderland of the Disney studios, inspired by the famous novel of Lewis Carroll. Alice is a little English girl who is bored while listening to her lessons and falls asleep in the garden. Then she sees a white rabbit pass by with a watch that repeats that he is late. Intrigued, she follows him down the rabbit hole and falls into a huge well that seems to be bottomless where she meets all sorts of strange things before finally reaching the bottom. There, she finds herself trapped in a room whose door is far too small. Fortunately there is a bottle with a liquid that allows her to shrink. But she forgot the key on the table and eats the cake that allows her to grow. But she grows too much and starts to cry. Her tears filling the room, she quickly takes a sip of the remaining liquid and manages to get out of the room through the keyhole. As she tries to find her way back home, Alice only runs into crazier characters who aren’t much help.


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