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Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

A useful disguise

For this exclusive figure at the 2018 Emerald City Comic Con, Funko has therefore represented Amy Pond with the policewoman disguise she wears when she makes the doctor believe she is one to question him the second time he comes to see her. We find this black dress rather short with the logo of the English police force, a belt and several accessories hung to this one. With, she wears a white shirt with raised sleeves and a small watch. At the level of the head, we find her long red hair as well as some freckles above her nose.


A memorable companion

Amy Pond is one of the famous companions of the Doctor in seasons 5, 6 and beginning of season 7 of Doctor Who. The relationship between the Doctor and Amy is complicated as he first meets her when she is eight years old and the Tardis crashes in her garden. He promises to come back in a few minutes to heal her wounds but in fact comes back ten years later. She is then eighteen years old and knocks him out, pretending to be a policewoman to interrogate him and try to understand what he is. He disappeared again and came back after two years. This time he takes her away but she makes him promise to bring her back the next day. When he realizes that the next day is her wedding day with her childhood friend Rory, he brings her back and takes them both on a romantic trip to Venice. That’s when their adventures together really begin.


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