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Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z)

A changing appearance

In contrast to many characters in the saga, Android 18’s clothing has changed a lot. Here she wears dark blue leggings with a short jean skirt that matches the small sleeveless jacket she wears over a white long-sleeved t-shirt. She also wears flat brown boots and overall an outfit that does not put forward her fighting side at all. At the head level, we find her blond hair cut to the square with a very voluminous lock brought back on the side.


An ally for the Dragon Team

Android 18 is, as her name indicates, an android. She was the eighteenth creation of Doctor Gero, whose purpose was, as for the other seventeen creations, to serve his vendetta against Goku and all the members of his team. But Android 18 was very curious by nature and this led her to awaken Android 16 and create a rebellion that caused Android 17 to kill Gero. She was then free and became a powerful fighter specializing in martial arts. After marrying Krillin and having a child with him, she joined the Dragon Team to fight with Goku and the others.


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