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Aveline De Grandpr? (Assassin’s Creed III Lib?ration)

A slightly different style

In contrast to the heroes of the other games, Aveline does not wear the famous hood of the assassins. On the other hand, we find the famous red belt decorated with the symbol of the assassins. The rest of his outfit is in the style of 18th century men with high boots and a tricorn hat. However, like all assassins, she carries the famous blade hidden in her sleeve.


The first female assassin

Aveline De Grandpr? is the main character of the video game Assassin’s Creed Liberation. The action of this one takes place in New Orleans, parallel to the events of the game Assassin’s Creed III and features the first female main character of the series. Born of an African slave and a wealthy French merchant, Aveline will have to face the Spanish forces that are trying to invade Louisiana at that time. She joins the Brotherhood of Assassins in 1959.


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