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Bambi (Bambi)


Bambi, future prince of the forest

Bambi is the hero of Walt Disney’s animated classic released in 1942. Like most Disney animated feature films, it is adapted from a story or novel, in this case the novel Bambi, The Story of a Life in the Woods by Felix Salten. In this film, Bambi, a newborn fawn, discovers life and the seasons with his mother, then, when she is killed by a hunter, with his forest friends PanPan and Fleur, and his father Grand Prince. He will discover the beauties of nature but also its dangers and the cruelty of men. As he grows up, he will also meet Feline, a young doe, and learn to protect her herd. With his big eyes, his big ears and his frail body, the Bambi character lends itself perfectly to the style of pop figurines. Funko decided to represent him sitting to stay in the usual proportions of the figurines of the brand. We find the different shades of brown of the character that are delicately reproduced. His big eyes and ears are faithfully reproduced and the details of the patterns give a great quality to this figure. Finally, Funko has not forgotten important details such as his big eyelashes or his little tail in plume.


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