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Blue Ranger (Power Rangers 2017)

The Unicorn Ranger

Like all the other figures for this movie, this blue ranger only stands out because of the shape of his helmet and of course the dominant color of his costume, the rest of his costume being identical to the others. So we still find this shiny and metallic side with perfectly rendered details and this blue light which is not without reminding Iron Man. As for the helmet, we can see its little spikes on the top of the head which perhaps evoke the fact that he is linked to the unicorn.


The mastermind of the group

The Blue Ranger, whose real name is Billy Cranston, is one of the main characters of Power Rangers, the movie adapted from the famous saga of the 80s and 90s. It tells the story of five young people brought together by fate to become the Power Rangers, warriors who have been fighting the forces of evil since the beginning of time. In their first movie adventure, they will have to fight against Rita Repulsa, a former ranger turned powerful witch. In the original version, Billy is the clich? of the nerd, a science club member wearing big glasses who will often find himself being the brains of the group.


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