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Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)

An eclectic rabbit

Having appeared in several hundred cartoons, Bugs Bunny has been seen in many roles. Here, Funko has represented him with a music hall show outfit. He is as always represented standing with his very large back legs. In addition, he wears a yellow jacket over a blue shirt and a very big red bow tie. In his hand, he holds a black cane. At the level of the head, we find the bottom of his white head and the grey top with his famous big ears and his two big rabbit teeth. Finally, on his ears hangs a yellow and blue straw hat.


The most famous rabbit

Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character officially created in 1940 by Leon Schlesinger Studios, which later became Warner Bros. He is a gray anthropomorphic rabbit or hare who is famous for his ability to always easily escape from his enemies thanks to his absurd ability to control his own cartoon, being able for example to draw a door through which he can then escape. He is the cartoon character who has appeared in the most cartoons in the world, especially during the golden age of American animation. He is the lead character in Looney Tunes and is so popular that he also became the mascot of Warner Bros. Studios. He is almost always eating carrots and is famous for his line What’s up, Doc?” (“Eh, what’s up, doc?” in VO) inspired by Tex Avery himself who said that’s what everyone called him in Texas when he was young.


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