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Captain Salazar chase (Pirates Of The Carribean)

An elegant captain

For this chase version of the figure, Funko has represented Captain Salazar with the appearance he has as a ghost. He still wears his elegant gray and silver Spanish navy outfit with a tunic with Brandenburg-style buttons and a long jacket with metal buttons, many ornaments and gallons on his shoulders. He holds in his hand his sword with a nicely decorated guard. Finally, at the head level, his face seems almost black and white with his black hair falling in front of his face and the black lightning on his face.

A dramatic ending

Captain Salazar is the main antagonist of the movie Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Men Tell No Tales. He was a highly respected captain of the Spanish navy in the 18th century whose main mission was to pursue and stop pirates. He was successful in this mission until he went after Jack Sparrow and his ship sank in the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared. Years later, his ghost comes back from the dead and he is determined to finish off all the pirates but especially Jack Sparrow who is responsible for his death. The latter, no match for this terrible enemy, decides to go in search of the famous trident of Poseidon.


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