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Cara Dune Season 2 (Star Wars The Mandalorian)

A new look

Cara Dune is represented here with the look she has in the second season of the series. Her clothes are still very similar to those of season 1. She wears big brown boots with blue pants and a short-sleeved t-shirt. She wears armor on her knees, forearms and especially on her shoulders. She holds a silver pistol in her right hand and a golden badge on her chest. The difference is mostly in the hair which is shorter on the left, curly and brought back on the right side.


A mercenary with a big heart

Cara Dune is a recurring character in the series Star Wars The Mandalorian. The hero of the series meets her in the third episode of the first season while searching for a secluded planet on which to hide with the young Yoda he refused to hand over to his client, making him a much sought-after man. Cara Dune was a member of the rebel alliance before becoming a mercenary. While the Mandalorian initially preferred to leave the planet, preferring a place where no one would recognize him, he was approached by a villager asking for his help. Their village is under constant attack and they want the Mandalorian to rid them of the attackers. He will propose to Cara Dune to ally with him and they will become friends during this experience. Later, he will call on her again and she will answer. Cara Dune is also present in the second season of the series.


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