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Cheshire Cat Tea Party Anniversaire Disneyland Resort (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

A cat in its universe

The Cheshire cat is represented here in a cup from the famous Disney Studios attraction. This cup is yellow with lighter stripes on top and resting on its saucer also in shades of yellow. The cup has a small opening that allows you to see the wheel that turns the cup and the cat sitting on the bench. The cat is in shades of pink with purple stripes all over his body and his thick tail. As always, he has a very big smile widening his mouth and giving him that crazy look.


Everyone is crazy here

The Cheshire cat is an important character in the Disney animated film Alice in Wonderland, inspired by the famous novel by Lewis Carroll. It tells the story of Alice who follows a little white rabbit wearing a vest and a watch while she is bored during her lessons, and falls down her rabbit hole to find herself in an upside down world where everyone seems crazy. The cheshire cat is a cat that can disappear and reappear at will. Alice meets him in the forest when she is trying to find her way home and he is not much help. This cartoon is the inspiration of the Disneyland Mad Tea Party attraction where you take place in a tea cup that turns on itself and is placed on a tray that turns on itself, itself placed on a larger tray turning on itself.


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