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Chopper buffed (One Piece)

An impressive human

Chopper uses his hybrid form most often, but when he uses his human form to move heavy loads, it is very impressive. His skin is a yellow-orange color like his reindeer fur. His musculature is very developed especially in the neck, chest and arms. At the level of clothing, he wears only his orange shorts. On the head, we still find his blue nose, the fur around his neck and the blue and red hat on his head.


An adorable doctor

Chopper, whose full name is TonyTony Chopper, is an important character in the One Piece manga and anime set in a world of pirates. Chopper is a reindeer who once ate one of the demon fruits, the hito hito no mi, found in this world. It gives him the possibility to take several forms, human, hybrid and reindeer. But as he was different, he was rejected by his herd. He was then taken in by a doctor named Hiluluk. He learned his trade from Hiluluk, which later allowed TonyTony to become the ship’s doctor on the pirate ship The Straw Hat.


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