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Cinderella (Cendrillon le film)

Cinderella version 2015

Although the style of the character is very strongly inspired by that of the cartoon, we recognize the character of the film on this figurine. She is represented here with the ball gown made by her fairy godmother (like the cartoon version). As in the cartoon, it is blue with a nice draped neckline with a shiny fabric decorated with butterflies. Although the figure is too small for the butterflies to be visible, the shiny effect is quite well rendered. What makes this Cinderella particularly cute is her attitude: the fact that she lifts her dress slightly to show her glass slipper. Unlike the cartoon, Cinderella doesn’t wear a bun, but her hair held back letting her pretty English hair fall on her shoulders. These are nicely represented with many details. As for her face, it’s standard pop figure fare, except for the light line of brown makeup on her eyelids.


A new Cinderella faithful to the cartoon

Cinderella is the main character of the Disney Studios film of the same name. The film is of course inspired by the versions of the Grimm brothers and Perrault’s tale, so it is logically very close to the Walt Disney cartoon of the 50s. Cinderella is a sweet and charming young girl, daughter of a rich French nobleman. When his wife dies, he remarries and welcomes his new wife and two young daughters into his home. If they are charming at first, they reveal their true nature when Cinderella’s father dies in his turn. Cinderella is then relegated to the rank of servant in her own house. But when the king organizes a ball to find a bride for his son, and invites all the young girls in the country, Cinderella sees a chance to escape from her condition. Despite the efforts of her horrible in-laws to stop her, Cinderella manages to get to the ball with the help of her fairy godmother. It will then be a real love at first sight between her and the prince.


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