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Clay Morrow (Sons Of Anarchy)

The chief with the white beard

Clay has a classic biker look with his light blue jeans, his black boots and his matching denim shirt. Over that, he wears a sleeveless jacket with his famous original redwood” patch. At the belt, he wears a silver chain for his wallet. For the head, we find his famous white hair and his matching beard. Finally, he wears of course his characteristic sunglasses.


The president of the club

Clay Morrow is one of the central characters of the American TV series Sons Of Anarchy. The story takes place in California, in the fictional town of Charming in San Jose County. Clay Morrow is the leader of the Sons Of Anarchy” biker club, which enforces the law in this town, which is plagued by drug dealers’ turf wars. For this, they are both feared and respected by the population but Clay’s decisions will also create tensions in the club, especially with his vice-president Jackson Teller.


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