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Demogorgon Black Light (Stranger Things)

A funky monster

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented the Demogorgon in a black light version, that is to say with different colors that are made to stand out under the black light. His skeletal yet powerful body with clawed hands and back legs is a bright blue. One of its clawed hands is stretched forward. His head, which looks like a flower with petals covered with teeth, is pink and yellow.


The monster of the parallel dimension

Demogorgon is the name given to the monster in the series Stranger Things by the group of young teenagers who are the main characters. At the beginning of the series, one of them, Will, goes home through the forest. Alone at home, he is attacked by a horrible creature and disappears. His group of friends start looking for him and come across Eleven, a young girl who has escaped from the laboratory she grew up in. Eleven has psychic and telekinetic powers and she ends up telling them that she unwittingly opened a passageway to a parallel dimension they call the Upside Down and that’s where the monster comes from. It is a very grey and cold parallel dimension populated by monsters that seem to be a mix between a humanoid and a plant and that are attracted by blood. They call it Demogorgon in reference to the role-playing game the boys play regularly.


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