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Demogorgon gold (Stranger Things)

A brilliant version of a terrifying creature

Funko has created this gold version of the famous terrible creature for the SDCC. We find his body almost humanoid with two legs and two arms but hands and feet with forked claws and a flesh that seems to appear directly without skin to protect it. Finally, at the level of the head, we find this strange look of carnivorous plant whose petals seem to be covered with hundreds of tiny teeth.


A nasty bug

The demogorgon is the big villain in season one of the fantasy series set in the 1980s, Stranger Things. At the beginning of the series, young Will is kidnapped by a strange creature on his way home from a friend’s house after a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone starts looking for him, his mother, the police and even his friends, who follow a rather unusual trail. While trying to retrace his steps in the forest, they come across Eleven, a mysterious girl who has escaped from the secret laboratory at the edge of the forest. She soon demonstrates psychic and telekinetic powers and it becomes clear that the creature that abducted Will is in fact from a parallel dimension whose passage was opened by the girl. Indeed, by inciting him to spy on the enemies of the United States by the thought, the young girl has, without wanting it, opened the passage for the creature.


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