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Demogorgon super sized (Stranger Things)

An even more terrifying version

For this new version of the famous monster, Funko has represented him in a super sized version of 15 cm for an even more terrifying effect. We find his body vaguely humanoid with clawed feet and long arms with clawed hands and a pink gray skin with a very unhealthy aspect. On the head, we find of course this carnivorous flower look with petals that can close and some kind of white fangs leading to its terrifying mouth.


An enemy from another dimension

The Demogorgon is the name given by the teenagers of the series Stranger Things to the monster that kidnaps their friend Will at the beginning of season 1 of the series. The boy is on his way home through the forest and near the mysterious lab set up in the middle, when he is attacked by a terrifying creature. He tries to run away but the creature catches up with him and kidnaps him. Very quickly, the local police, his family and friends start looking for him. They all come to the logical conclusion that Will has been taken to some sort of nightmarish parallel dimension. Together, they join forces and manage to bring him back safely. The demorgorgon seems to be the main inhabitant of this dimension and so he took the opportunity to move to ours and hunt there.


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