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Edna Jack-Jack (Incredibles 2)

A disturbing appearance

For this exclusive comic-con figure, Jack Jack is represented taking on the appearance of Edna, the former costume designer and head of the family’s superhero agency. He has kept his baby body sitting on his butt and wearing only a simple white diaper. But on the head, we can see Edna’s characteristic bobbed haircut as well as her slightly round nose, which contrasts with the usual style of the pop figures.

A changing baby

Jack Jack is the youngest of the Parr family in the Disney Studios animated film The Incredibles 2. The Parr family has the distinction of being a family of superheroes, with each of the five family members having a superpower. Unfortunately, since superheroes now have a very bad reputation, they are forced to live in anonymity, hoping that one day they will be able to reappear in the open. Jack-Jack’s power is to manipulate molecules at will. He can take any shape he wants but also change the texture of his skin to become hard as stone or metal. As he is still very young, he is often content to take on the appearance of the people he meets.


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