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Eleven Burger T-Shirt (Stranger Things)

A good meal

So here Funko has depicted Eleven with the yellow t-shirt that Bob gives her. This one is very long for her and on it, we can see the drawing of a very big hamburger. In his left hand, he holds a big box of ice cream and in the other, he holds a big spoon. At the level of the head, Funko has well represented his hair cut very short, almost shaved.


Difficult beginnings

Eleven is one of the main characters of the Netflix series Stranger Things set in the 80s. At the beginning of this one, the mysterious Eleven escapes from the laboratory where she seemed to be imprisoned since her youth. On her way, she finds the small diner Bob’s Burger and enters the kitchen in search of food. The owner stumbles upon her and tries to find out who she is. He gives her food and a t-shirt so she can put on something other than her lab coat. Unfortunately when he opens the door to the person he thinks is from social services, it is actually a person from the labs who kills him. Eleven then has to run away again.


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