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Eleven with electrodes (Stranger Things)

Eleven with her electrodes

For this NYCC 2017 exclusive, Eleven is shown with the electrode helmet that records her brain’s activity while she tries to use her unusual abilities. Like another of the character’s previously existing figures, she is shown wearing her white, gray-patterned hospital gown. On her left arm, we can see her tattoo representing the number eleven. On her head, she is wearing this famous helmet with electrodes and her hair is cut very short, almost shaved. Finally, we can see that her nose is bleeding, proof that she uses her mental capacities in an intense way.


A laboratory experiment

Eleven is one of the main characters of the series Stranger Things taking place in a small American town in the early 80s. At the beginning of the first episode, we see a scientist running through the corridors of a research laboratory only to be overtaken by a terrifying creature. Soon after, a young boy is abducted by the same creature in the vicinity of the laboratory. As his friends decide to investigate his death by retracing his steps, they come across a young girl with a shaved head who seems to have escaped from the lab. Since she seems afraid of adults, they decide to hide her in the basement of Mike, one of the three boys. In flashbacks, we learn that Eleven (nicknamed because of the tattoo on her arm) has been experimented on in this lab in order to develop her brain’s abilities and we will realize that these are directly related to the creature and the disappearance of the three boys’ friend.


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