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Evie (The Descendants)

The blue-haired girl

As we can see in the movie and on many promo pictures, Evie likes blue! So she wears a short black skirt and her famous blue tunic with wide sleeves nicely represented. Funko didn’t forget the red heart pendant she wears around her neck and the red apple that reminds the story of her mother. Her face is simple but we find the colors on her cheeks and on her eyelids. Finally, Funko has of course represented her pretty blue hair.


The Evil Queen

Evie’s daughter is one of the central characters in The Descendants, a Disney Channel original TV movie. In this movie, The Beast has become king of the United States of Auradon and lives there in peace because all the villains and their families have been sent, deprived of magic, to the island of oblivion from which they cannot escape. Sixteen years later, the new king, who is none other than the son of the Beast, offers the children of some of these villains to come and study in Auradon. Evie, the daughter of Snow White’s evil queen, is one of these teenagers.


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