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Ezio (Assassin’s Creed II)

An assassin in the Italian style

As for the other assassins, we find of course this famous hood characteristic of the assassins but the rest of his style is also well representative of his time and his personality. We find in particular this brown cape worn on the left shoulder as well as this famous belt with the motive of the brotherhood of the assassins. Finally, as always, he has these famous blades hidden in the sleeves.


At the time of the Italian Renaissance

Ezio is the main character of the video game Assassin’s Creed II taking place at the beginning of the Italian Renaissance. As always we will follow his adventures thanks to Desmond who relives the history of his ancestors in the world of genetic memory. Ezio is a young 17 year old nobleman with a good life. But one day, his family is accused of treason and his father and brothers are executed. He takes refuge with his mother and sister at his uncle’s house. He learns from his uncle that Ezio is of the Assassin lineage like his father. He will then go in search of the murderers of his family to avenge them.


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