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Figurines Pop Harry, Ron et Hermione (Harry Potter)

The Base Pack

This pack features the first three figures released of each character from the first wave of Harry Potter figures. All three are shown in their Hogwarts uniforms and at the very beginning of the saga, during the first or second movie at the latest. Ron and Harry’s clothes are exactly the same: dark grey pants with black shoes, a light grey sweater and a red and yellow tie in Gryffindor colors and of course a long black wizard robe. Harry holds his wand and at the level of the head, we find his small scar in the shape of lightning and his small round glasses. Ron is well recognizable with his red hair and his wand rescotched after his accident at the beginning of the second movie. Finally, Hermione wears the same wizard’s dress over the same sweater and tie with the Gryffindor colors but she wears a pleated skirt as well as small black shoes and high socks. She also holds her wand in her hand and is recognizable with her thick brown hair.


Inseparable friends

Harry, Ron and Hermione are the main characters of the Harry Potter literary and film saga. At the beginning of the story Harry Potter is a young English orphan who was raised by his wicked aunt after his parents died when he was only one year old. On his eleventh birthday, he learns that he is in fact a wizard, as were his parents, and so he sets off for Hogwarts, the school of magic located in the Scottish Highlands. On the train, he meets Ron Weasley, the second youngest of a very large wizarding family, and they become fast friends. While they are both placed in the Gryffindor house, they soon meet Hermione Granger. While her know-it-all attitude annoys them a bit at first, the three of them eventually become very close friends. And as Harry discovers that the wizarding world is not just a place of wonder, but also a dangerous place, they will rely on each other to survive and help each other.


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