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Figurines Pop Hercules et Pegasus (Hercules)

Real Greek heroes

For this Rides pop figure, Hercules is represented on the back of the winged horse Pegasus. Pegasus is a white horse with a tail and a mane cut into a turquoise blue crest. It is placed on a transparent base, placing it slightly in flight, and its two large white wings are spread. As for him, Hercules is represented on horseback, wearing a typical Greek leather armor with a small matching skirt and the famous spartan type sandals. On the head, his features are marked in a very exaggerated and stylized way in the fashion of ancient Greek art and we can see his red hair as well as the red headband around his skull.


An adorable duo

Hercules is the hero of the Disney Studios cartoon Hercules, based on the famous character from Greek mythology. At the beginning of the story, Zeus and his wife introduce young Hercules to the other gods of Olympus, including Hades, god of the underworld who is fed up with his thankless role. The three gods tell him that he will be able to escape from his role in a few years by freeing the titans, but only on condition that the young Hercules is dead at that time. He then decides to try to make him drink a potion that would make him mortal. But his minions don’t succeed and as he doesn’t drink all the potion, he remains a little divine and this is transcribed by a supernatural strength. Unable to stay in Olympus, he is taken in by two humans and ignores his true identity until he is a teenager. But when his parents explain to him that he was found when he was a baby, he goes in search of his identity. Zeus explains to him that if he wants to join them in Olympus, he must become a true hero worthy of the Gods. It is also at this moment that he finds Pegasus, the winged horse which had been offered to him when he was a child. From that moment on, Hercules will devote all his time to trying to become a hero, which will not make Hades’ task any easier.


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