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Figurines Pop Moana & Pua on Boat (Moana)

A funny trio

For this SDCC 2019 exclusive pop wrinkle, Funko has represented Moana on the boat she takes to go in search of Te’Fiti’s heart. It’s a very simple boat made up of two aerodynamic bases giving stability to the boat as well as a platform made of wooden planks under which you can a sort of pantry. It also has a small beige sail with the symbol of its tribe. Moana is standing steering the sail and she is wearing her beige skirt with her simple orange top and her hair in the wind. She is accompanied by Pua, her little pink pet pig, and Hei Hei, the silly rooster who just happened to be there.


Departure for the adventure

Moana is the heroine of the Disney Studios cartoon Moana, freely inspired by a Polynesian legend of the creation of the world. Moana is the daughter of the chief of a tribe trained to be the future chief. When she is a little girl, she finds a magic stone on the beach that seems to choose her, and then it goes away again. Years later, things start to go wrong on the island. There are no more fish in the sea, coconuts are rotting in the trees and Moana’s father refuses to build boats to go further away. Moana believes that it is because the heart of the creator goddess T?’Fiti has been stolen and must be returned to her for life to resume on the island. Encouraged by her grandmother, Moana will then take a boat and go in search of the demigod who had stolen the heart in order to ask for his help.


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