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Figurines Pop Movie Moments Kiss The Girl (La Petite Sir?ne)

A cult moment

Funko has represented the moment when Eric and Ariel are having a romantic walk on a boat and when Ariel’s friends sing a song and make a kind of show to encourage Eric to kiss her. The base is therefore blue to represent the surface of the water, and on it is placed a small wooden boat. Eric and Ariel are sitting in it face to face. Eric is wearing his white prince’s shirt and Ariel her turquoise dress and the big matching bow contrasting with her red hair. Around them, Polochon and other small fish are spitting water while the lobster Sebastian is on a rock singing a song.


A cult story

The Little Mermaid is the much happier Walt Disney adaptation of the famous Andersen tale. Ariel is the youngest daughter of Triton, the king of the seas, and she has a real passion for the human world, collecting relics. At the beginning of the story, she saves a young prince from drowning during a storm. She brings him back to the beach and instantly falls in love with him. Wishing to see him again, despite her father’s formal prohibition against meddling in the affairs of men, she goes to see the witch Medusa. The witch offers her the possibility of having legs, but in exchange for her pretty voice. And she must also make the prince fall in love and kiss her within three days or she will become Medusa’s slave. She accepts and goes to the land. But because she cannot speak, she cannot explain to Prince Eric that it was she who saved him. Eric takes her in anyway and soon seems to grow fond of her. But, while Ariel’s friends will do everything to push Prince Eric to kiss her, Medusa will try to prevent this from happening.


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