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Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter)

A fairy dress

Flora is shown here with the dress she wears during the Christmas ball given in fourth year to celebrate the presence of guests from other schools. It’s a long light grey dress, slightly pleated and very elegant with grey embroidery at the neckline and asymmetrical straps. At the level of the head, we find her blond hair styled in bun with a kind of silver star to decorate it. She also wears small earrings in very simple pearl and stands in a sober way with the hands slightly raised on the sides.


More mermaid than princess

Fleur Delacour is a character that we discover in the fourth opus of the literary and cinematographic saga Harry Potter. She is one of the star pupils of the famous French magic school Beaux-b?tons. She and a number of students from her school arrive at Hogwarts at the beginning of the fourth year for the famous Goblet of Fire. The best students from each school are selected by the Goblet to participate in the year-long competition of particularly difficult tests. Fleur is the one chosen by the cup to represent the Beauxbatons school. It is not specified in the films but Fleur is half mermaid, which explains why she fascinates all the boys so much. We don’t see Fleur again until the 7th film when we learn that she is going to marry Bill Weasley, one of Ron’s older brothers whom we hadn’t met yet (in the films) at that time. She will also participate in the final battle alongside the entire Order of the Phoenix.


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