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Fred Weasley Yule Ball (Harry Potter)

Festive outfit

For this new version of Fred Weasley, Funko represented him with the gala outfit he wears for the Yull Ball held in honor of the other students’ attendance. He wears an elegant tuxedo with black pants, a long bow tie and a brown jacket. He also wears a long open wizard robe and stands with his arms crossed over his chest. At the head, his red hair is medium-length and a lock falls slightly in front of his face.


Half of the duo

Fred Weasley is one of the two most famous twins of the wizarding world in the Harry Potter saga. He and George are identical twins and the middle children of the famous Wesley family. They are almost never seen separately and are almost indistinguishable from each other. They are a year older than Ron, Harry Potter’s best, and are the siblings that Ron is closest to, and they are the ones who welcome Harry to the Quidditch team. They have a passion for pranks and, in the fourth opus, they will even try to age themselves to succeed in putting their name in the cup of fire to participate. The only time Fred was seen to be different from his brother was when he took Angelina to the Yule Ball and they subsequently had a long relationship.


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