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Gamer Mickey avec casquette (Mickey)

Mickey gamer

This figurine exclusive to Gamestop stores is part of the collection created by Funko to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the creation of the character of Mickey. This time he is shown standing with yellow pants and red sneakers matching his sweater. He holds in his hands a game console controller and wears a red headset. In addition to the headset, Mickey is also wearing a red backwards cap to complete the 90’s look.


An icon of animation

Mickey is the famous anthropomorphic mouse who has been the most popular mascot, logo and character in the Disney universe almost since its inception. He first appeared in the short film Steamboat Willie, where he played the role of a moss on a steamboat and did nothing but mischief. After the studios lost the rights to their previous mascot, Oswald the rabbit, Mickey quickly became the new one. He is an ever playful and adventurous character who stands out with his famous little high-pitched voice. Mickey was the star of the feature film Fantasia, of many short films but also of TV series and video games such as Kingdom Hearts or Epic Mickey.


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