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Geralt VS Leshen (The Witcher)

The fight

For this game moment, Funko has represented the fight between Geralt and the Leshen. The base represents the forest floor and the Leshen seems to be partly attached to it. His limbs seem to be made of wood partially covered with moss and his head covered by the skeleton of a deer whose antlers are still attached. Geralt is facing him with his sword and his famous long white hair.


A mystical enemy

Geralt is the hero of the famous video game The Witcher, adapted from the novel by the famous Polish fantasy author. In a medieval fantasy world, Geralt is a wizard, a man genetically modified in childhood to be able to fight monsters. In the video game Witcher 3, Wild Hunt, he will fight a Leshen, a creature living in the forest and controlling the animals and plants living there, preventing the inhabitants of the surrounding villages from going there. Geralt will have to be cunning to even get close to the creature.


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