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Ghostbuster Lucas (Stranger Things)

Lucas, the ghost hunter

The season starting with the celebration of Halloween, Funko decided to represent the boys with their costumes. Year 84 obliges, the boys decided to dress up as four of the characters of Ghostbusters although there is a small conflict between Mike and Lucas on the character of Venkman. So we find this simple beige uniform but recognizable thanks to the Ghostbusters patch on the right shoulder. Only small deviation to his costume, Lucas wears gray sneakers with a green sole very fashionable in the 80s. In his back, he carries his backpack to which is attached a vacuum cleaner for ghosts. Finally at the level of the head, we find his brown skin as well as his black hair worn relatively long as it was the fashion at the time.


Terrifying new enemies

Lucas is one of the famous gang of friends in Stranger Things, the popular Netflix series with an 80s vibe. Season 2 starts a year after the end of season one. Life has more or less returned to normal even though everything will never be the same again. While Eleven, who everyone thinks is dead, is hidden at Hopper’s, Mike never really lost hope of seeing her again and young Will has more and more visions of the Upside Down. And if the doctors think that they are only hallucinations, we will quickly realize that it is much more than that. It is soon Halloween and a new student, Max, arrives at the college. Lucas and Dustin will very quickly fall under the charm and try to include her in the group in spite of Mike’s reticence who sees her as a replacement for Eleven.


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