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Gilderoy Lockhart (Harry Potter)

All in the appearance

Funko has portrayed Gilderoy in one of his elegant three-piece suits that he wears throughout the film. This one is light brown with a well-fitted jacket, gold vest and a big red tie, giving him the look of a nineteenth-century dandy. He also wears a matching brown-lined cape and stands with his fists on his hips in a very proud posture. On the head, we find his short blond hair with that famous slightly curly lock in front of the forehead.


The King of Tricks

Gilderoy Lockhart is the professor of defense against evil forces in the second installment of the Harry Potter saga. Gilderoy is very famous in the wizarding world thanks to the many books he has written about his own exploits, but also for his supposed charm that makes many witches melt. Gilderoy meets Harry for the first time when he comes to buy his books for the year and decides right away to take him under his wing”, too happy to draw even more attention to him. However, from the very first class, we start to realize that the man is not really up to his reputation. And when the Slytherin heir’s attacks begin, he claims to be able to find the culprit but does nothing. And when Ginny Weasley is taken by the monster in the Chamber of Secrets and McGonagall asks for his help, he starts to pack his bags to leave the castle. In the end, it is under the threat of Harry’s wand that he will have to follow him and Ron to try to get the girl back. On the way, he grabs Ron’s damaged wand and tries to erase the boys’ memories. Fortunately the spell backfires and he ends up with total amnesia, not knowing who he is or even that he’s a wizard.


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