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Ginny Weasley on Broom (Harry Potter)

Ginny in flight

Like the Harry figure released exclusively for SDCC 2017 and the one of her brother Ron released at the same time, this new figure depicts Ginny in flight during a Quidditch match. She is therefore astride her broom and placed on a transparent base to give the impression of flight. Like all players, she wears a dress in the colors of the house Gryffindor and adapted to the practice of Quidditch. She also wears the regulation brown leather wrist, knee and leg guards. Being a chaser”, she holds the Quidditch ball in one arm to try to throw it into one of the three circles representing the goal of their opponent. Finally, on the head, her face is very simple but we can recognize her red hair partially held back.


Another Weasley on the Quidditch team

Ginny Weasley is the youngest member of the famous wizarding family from the Harry Potter literary and film saga. Being one year younger than her brother Ron, she enters Hogwarts while the three heroes are in their second year and is already gaining importance as she finds herself bewitched by Tom Jedusor’s diary which forces her to open the Chamber of Secrets. But apart from that, from the moment she arrives at school, Ginny shows particular promise. She seems to be as smart as Hermione and as she grows up, she also attracts a lot of attention from boys, including Harry Potter who she fell in love with when they met when she was only 10 and he was 11. But Ginny also proves to be an excellent Quidditch player and joins the team as a chaser” alongside Harry as well as Fred and George and well before her older brother Ron.


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