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Grincheux (Snow White)

A sulky dwarf

All the dwarfs have a uniform very similar to each other, differing only in color and some details. Grumpy’s is red with a black belt with a gold buckle. He also wears brown pants and matching large shoes. On the head, he has a large face, a pout and a big nose a little red. His eyebrows are also very strongly frowned to give him an exaggeratedly angry look. Finally he wears a long white beard and a big brown cap.


A big-hearted grouch

Grumpy is one of the important characters in Snow White, Walt Disney’s first full-length cartoon. Snow White is the beautiful daughter of the beautiful but cruel and vain queen. Every day, she asks her magic mirror if she is still the most beautiful. But one day, the mirror tells her that Snow White has become more beautiful than her. She orders her hunter to kill her, but he takes pity on her and lets her go. She flees into the forest and takes refuge in the house of seven dwarfs, who agree to shelter her. Each of them has a distinct character from which their name is inspired. Grumpy is always grumpy and at first he doesn’t like the presence of Snow White in their house. But he has a good heart and gets attached to the young princess.


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