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Harry Potter with firebolt (Harry Potter)

Harry will be able to fly away

For this exclusive figurine for Box Lunch stores, Funko has chosen to represent Harry with his classic Hogwarts student outfit but also with his Firebolt broom. This refers to a specific scene at the end of the movie when Harry receives his famous gift. He wears a uniform consisting of black pants, shoes and vest bordered by bands in the colors of the house Gryffindor and with that he wears his usual wizard’s cloak. At the level of the face, one recognizes well his famous glasses and his scar in the shape of lightning. Finally, he holds in his hands his famous Firebolt broom to which is attached three hyppogriff feathers as a message that this broom is a gift from Sirius.


Harry and his mysterious gift

Harry Potter is the main character of the film saga Harry Potter inspired by the cult literary saga for children Harry Potter. He is a young English boy who discovers on his eleventh birthday that he is a wizard. From then on, he will discover the wonders of the wizarding world but also its dangers and especially the dark circumstances that made him an orphan at the age of one. In third year, Sirius Black, his godfather and the one who would have betrayed his parents, escaped from Azkaban prison. While everyone thinks that he will try to find Harry to kill him, we finally realize that Sirius wants to find the real culprit who betrayed Harry’s parents, who is none other than Peter Pettigrew hiding for years under the guise of Scabbers, Ron’s rat. At the end of the movie, when Sirius has managed to escape on the back of the hyppogriff Buckbeak, he sends Harry a very special gift, the brand new Firebolt broom.


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