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hipster Belle (La Belle Et La B?te)

The hipster princess

Funko has represented Belle here with her famous beautiful yellow ball dress. It is long and nicely decorated on the bottom and its sleeves fall on her shoulders to make a quite open neckline. She is also wearing gloves that match the dress and a ribbon that holds her bun in place. What makes this figure different from the classic version of the princess is that she is represented as a hipster” version, that is to say wearing big black glasses and a suspicious look on her face.


A classic heroine

Belle is the heroine of the Disney Studios’ animated film Beauty and the Beast, inspired by the famous classic story. Belle is a book-loving young woman living in a small French village in the 18th century. One day her father goes into the forest and is caught in a storm. He takes refuge in a large castle that he meets on his way. But if the strange inhabitants of the castle welcome him with open arms, the owner is not happy and takes him prisoner. Belle comes to his rescue and offers the Beast to become his servant for life if he releases his father. But against all odds, Belle and the Beast find they have a lot in common, especially their love of books, and end up falling in love. The inhabitants of the castle see this as an opportunity to finally break the curse. Indeed, the beast was a young prince who was transformed into a beast by a witch to whom he refused hospitality. The other inhabitants of the castle were transformed into objects. If he manages to be loved by a woman in this form then he can become human again.


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