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Hopper gold (Stranger Things)

Golden Cop

For this very exclusive 2018 Comic Con figure, Funko has depicted Hopper in an all gold version. You can still see that he is wearing his police outfit consisting of pants, big work boots, a shirt on which you can see his sheriff’s badge as well as his matching hat. At the level of the head, he also wears his beard and his small mustache very typical of the 80s. Finally, he is holding a coffee cup and a donut in his hand.


A cop with a pulse

Hopper is the police chief of the small town of Hawkins in the series Stranger Things. At the beginning of this series set in the 80s, young Will Byers disappears under strange circumstances. While the police initially think it’s just a runaway, his mother and friends know something strange is going on. After noticing strange activity in the lab near where Will disappeared, Hopper begins to agree with them. From there, he will work tirelessly to uncover the truth and find the young boy safe and sound. At first, Hopper is a disillusioned and sad man after losing his daughter to a serious illness and seeing his marriage fall apart soon after. He’s a little overwhelmed by something so serious happening in his small town but he’ll soon rise to the occasion and what he discovers will change his life.


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