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IG-11 (Star Wars The Mandalorian)

A Retro Droid

IG-11 has a very typical early Star Wars design. It’s a vaguely anthropomorphic droid made of grey, slightly rusted in places. You can see many mechanical parts, wires, cables, rivets, etc. on its rather skinny legs and arms. In his arms, he carries a very large black rifle with his finger on the trigger. The head looks more like the upper part of a turret weapon with the top seemingly able to turn 360 degrees and this sort of telescopic tip.


The Mission

IG-11 is a droid working as a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe, more specifically in the series The Mandalorian, following the adventures of The Mandalorian, another well known hunter in the galaxy. Like many other bounty hunters, IG-11 had The Child” as his target, and his mission was to kill him. But he and The Mandalorian arrived at the same time at the child, a youngster of Master Yoda’s species, and the latter decided not to kill him. But IG-11’s programming forced it to do exactly as it was programmed to do, so The Mandalorian was forced to kill the droid to protect the child.


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