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Igor Karkaroff (Harry Potter)

Elegant and sober appearance

Like all the figures in this wave, Igor Karkaroff has been depicted wearing the outfit he wears at the famous grand ball given at Christmas time of the year in honor of distinguished guests. He is wearing black pants, black boots and an elegant beige long-sleeved tunic with a gold buckle belt. He stands with his arms crossed and we can see that he wears many rings with stones of various colors. His facial expression is quite severe and we can see his medium-length black hair and his slightly gray goatee.


A troubled past

Igor Karkaroff is the principal of the Bulgarian school of magic Durmstrang, whose existence we discover in the fourth part of the literary and cinematographic saga Harry Potter. In this episode, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry hosts a special event, the Three Wizards Tournament. In this tournament, the champion of each of the three competing schools will have to participate in particularly dangerous and difficult tasks throughout the year in the hope of winning the famous cup of fire at the end. Although he is not of age and the Hogwarts champion has already been chosen (Cedric Diggory), Harry Potter finds himself chosen by the Goblet of Fire and must participate in the competition. Given the danger of this, Dumbledore and others suspect that the person who orchestrated this is not a friend of Harry’s. In the course of the film, we learn that Igor Karkaroff was once a Death Eater, an ally of Voldemort, and that he owes his freedom only to the fact that he turned in many of his colleagues” at the time. Snape in particular does not trust him, but the man eventually proves to be trustworthy, as does Viktor Krum, the star pupil of the Durmstrang school.


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