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Incinerator Stormtrooper (Star Wars The Mandalorian)

A red stormtrooper

Like all stormtroopers, the base of the armor of this one is white and metallic with a helmet hiding his whole face. Underneath the different pieces of armor, we can see the black garment that holds them in place but also red stripes that remind us of his very specific role. On his white helmet with its characteristic shape, there is also a vertical red stripe in the center and on the front of the part that serves to breathe. Finally, he holds a big black flamethrower and a big flame goes up to the right and up.


A burning weapon

The incinerator stormtrooper is one of those first seen in the last episode of the first season of The Mandalorian series, set several hundred years before the first Star Wars trilogy in a world where the empire has recently fallen. The hero is a bounty hunter who becomes one of the most wanted men in the galaxy when he decides to guard and protect the child he was supposed to deliver to a wealthy client, a former high ranking officer of the empire. In the last episode, his former guild leader offers him to return to the planet and cancel his wanted notice if he gets rid of the former Imperials who have taken over the guild. Unfortunately, it’s a trap and The Mandalorian finds himself trapped in a building with the child and some of his allies. Then the stormtrooper arrives with his flamethrower to destroy everything. Fortunately, the child, a young baby Yoda, uses the force to push the flames back towards the stormtroopers and give his protectors a chance to escape.


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