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Jack Jack (Incredibles 2)

A baby superhero

As a baby, Jack Jack is shown sitting up and wearing a onesie. But this onesie is red with black sleeves and foot parts in the colors of his family’s costume. At the head level, he is still almost bald except for a small puff of red hair on the top of the head and finally, he also wears a black mask only in front of the eyes like the other members of his family.

Already very powerful for a baby

Jack-Jack is the newest member of the Parr family in the Incredibles movie and its sequel Incredibles 2 from Disney Pixar Studios. Although the movie comes out fourteen years after the first one, it takes place right after the first one, so the kids are still the same age. The Parr family has been living in anonymity since superheroes became illegal after an accident with a supervillain. But a new villain named Screenslaver comes to town and causes chaos and the Parr family has to get back to work. Jack-Jack has the power to manipulate molecules. This means that he can transform himself into anything he wants, but he can also teleport or create duplicates of himself.


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