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Jiminy Cricket tattered (Pinocchio)

A poor cricket

Jiminy Cricket is represented here as we see him at the beginning of the film with clothes in rather bad shape. He is an anthropomorphic cricket recognizable only by his green skin and not quite human face. He wears green pants torn at the bottom and yellow shoes that have seen better days. He also wears a green jacket, white gloves with holes in them and a red scarf that is also in bad shape. Finally, on his head, he wears a blue top hat torn on the top and patched on the front.


A good conscience

Jiminy Cricket is an important character in Disney’s Pinocchio cartoon, based on the 19th century Italian tale by Carlo Collodi. It tells the story of a carpenter who made a wooden puppet that he loved so much that the blue fairy visited him and made the puppet, named Pinocchio, alive. She promised that if Pinocchio proved worthy, he would be turned into a real boy. Jiminy the cricket had taken refuge inside to protect himself from the bad weather so the blue fairy appointed him as Pinocchio’s conscience to prevent him from misbehaving. But the task was difficult because, not knowing anything about life, Pinocchio was easily taken in by the older boys of the school who took advantage of his naivety. Finally, Pinocchio proved himself worthy of a real boy and Geppetto’s wish was granted. Jiminy, on the other hand, got his medal for a job well done.


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