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Jiraiya on Toad (Naruto Shippuden)

A funny ally

Funko has represented Jiraiya here on one of his famous toads who taught him his most precious techniques. This one is a very big orange toad with black flames patterns and yellow eyes. He also wears a necklace with orange beads plus a bigger one with a Japanese symbol on it and a white band around the leg. Jiraiya is standing on top of him wearing a gray outfit and a red sleeveless coat with a white tip, giving the impression of an animal’s tail. At the head level, we find the red make-up under his eyes and a silver headband with spikes on the forehead. Finally, we find his white hair in small peaks on the top of his head.


A strange hermit

Jiraiya is a character of the anime series and the manga Naruto Shippuden. He was one of the three legendary Sannin with Tsunade and Orochimaru. He is often called the hermit of the toads because he was a hermit and he received a special training at Mount My?boku, a strange place where live all kinds of frogs and toads of all sizes, some very small, some giant. He traveled the world to gather all kinds of wisdom which he taught to his students, especially to Naruto who was his godson and his last student before he died. He was a very wise man and always ready to joke. He was often considered as a pervert because he made his hobby of spying on women when they were bathing in public baths.


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