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Joyce biohazard suit (Stranger Things)

Prepared for all eventualities

For this Target store exclusive, Joyce is shown wearing the protective suit that she and Sheriff Hopper wear when they go to retrieve Will from the upside down” world. This one is all yellow with pleats at the knees to allow for flexibility of movement and lots of great hook and seam detail. It is decorated with brown shoes and gloves and a matching belt. At the head level, the suit continues with a helmet covering the back of his head and discovering his face under a glass. Underneath, we can recognize her characteristic haircut. Finally, she holds a flashlight in her hand, the world below being particularly dark.


Close to the goal

Interpreted by Wynona Rider, Joyce is one of the main characters of the series Stranger Things. In this series, which takes place in the early 80s in a small American town, we follow the investigation following the more than mysterious disappearance of young Will. Indeed, he is pursued by a strange creature while he is going home through the forest and it kidnaps him before he could call for help. Joyce is Will’s mother and she is quickly convinced that this is not a simple kidnapping story. She is even convinced that she hears his voice in the house and thinks he is trying to communicate with her. With the help of young Eleven, who has escaped from the research laboratory where the creature seems to have also arrived, the boy’s friends come to the same conclusion. Eventually, it becomes clear that the creature has taken Will to some sort of nightmarish parallel world, so Joyce heads there with the town sheriff in hopes that he’s still alive.


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