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Judy Hopps (Zootopia)

An adorable figurine

Since Judy spends most of her time in her police costume, Funko logically decided to represent her like that on its figurine. The animals of Zootopie move like humans, so Judy is represented on her hind legs. We can see her police outfit with her dark blue pants, her light blue shirt and her dark blue sleeveless vest. The details of the badge or the belt are nicely reproduced. Only her small front legs and her large free back legs remind us that she is a rabbit. On the head, we find the mixture of white and light gray. Funko has well represented her big black eyes as well as her little pink muzzle which makes this figurine adorable. Finally, her big ears on top of her head finish this figurine nicely.


The first police bunny

Judy Hopps is the main character of the new Disney Studios animated film: Zootopie. In this cartoon, humans are absent and the animals have evolved differently. They walk, talk and think like humans. They live in cities equivalent to human cities but adapted to the size and origin of the different animals. Judy Hopps is a young rabbit who has always wanted to be a policewoman since she was very young. She decides to enter the police academy despite the fact that no rabbit has ever succeeded in becoming a police officer. Against all odds, she ends up as the valedictorian of her class and is assigned to the police station in downtown Zootopia. Delighted at first, she soon realizes that she is only given minor assignments like checking parking lots. But when an otter comes to the station to report her husband missing and is not taken seriously, Judy jumps at the chance to investigate the case to prove her worth. She’ll get some unexpected help from a fox she caught running an ice cream scam. Nick Wilde will prove to be very helpful in the investigation and a friendship will eventually develop between them.


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