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Killer Frost (The Flash)

An icy character

For this NYCC exclusive figure, Funko has represented Killer Frost in a glows in the dark version with blue tones that represents her power well. Otherwise, we find his dark blue gothic style outfit with a short dress, boots and a long coat very tight. We find as well her white eyes as well as her hair becoming white instead of her usual brown. In her two hands, she holds two blocks of ice that she managed to create with her power.


A hidden personality

Killer Frost is the hidden, alternate personality of Caitlin Snow in The Flash. Like Barry Allen, she was working at STAR Labs at the time of the particle gas pedal and being his friend, she was his caretaker until he woke up from his coma. When his powers awakened to him, she joined Team Flash. It was then that her buried personality resurfaced when they met an alternate version of her from another dimension. This powerful Killer Frost personality seemed to have been buried inside her all along and Caitlin had to fight to keep this personality buried due to her devastating powers. She can completely absorb the heat of a room and freeze anyone. She also has enhanced healing abilities and can produce ice effortlessly.


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