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King Cold (Dragon Ball Z)

An impressive appearance

We can find the physical characteristics of the Cold and Freezer species. His skin is purple and he has a long pink tail. Although the rest of his body is humanoid, his feet are more like hands, like an ape. He has a muscular body and wears a kind of black and blue leotard reinforced with pieces of armor, especially at the level of the shoulders, from which also leaves a cape. On the head, part of his face is pink and he wears a white and green helmet with two big black horns.


A character who will not last long

King Cold is the father of Freezer and Cooler in the manga and the Dragon Ball Z animated series. He appears quite quickly in the second part of the anime when Son Goku is an adult and learns that he is in fact one of the last survivors of a species of extra-terrestrial warriors called Sayian. Freezer is one of his first enemies, an alien from the planet Cold wishing to conquer the whole universe. After he was left for dead in space by Goku and his gang, he is brought back to his planet and transformed into a part android to heal him. He convinces his father, King Cold, to accompany him to Earth with his army in order to take revenge on Son Goku. He then finds himself fighting Trunks. He is very impressed by him and offers him to join his army but he refuses and kills Cold with one of his powerful attacks.


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