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Leviathan (Fortnite)

A crazy look

So this Leviathan is actually a piranha in the helmet of a scuba suit. The suit is mostly white with gold highlights on the pockets, gloves and boots. There are also some green spots reminding the color of the fish. On the head, we find this green piranha with red touches on the fins and very sharp teeth. The left hand of the suit has the thumb raised upwards, which would make us think that there is in fact a human body attached to this fish head.


A funny animal

The Leviathan is one of the very many skins with which players can customize their character in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. It is an epic skin that players can purchase from the store during the short periods of time it is in rotation. It’s part of the space explorer and is very much inspired by a character from Megamind that represents a piranha in the helmet of a scuba suit and always showing an angry look.


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